About Me & Why this blog…

Jesus Christ apprehended me in 1984 while serving in the U.S. Navy.  My first introduction to heresy came within a few days. A shipmate declared, “Jesus isn’t God. He was only a man.”  Instantly, in my spirit, it was “Swords Up!”  Though a new believer, I was raised as a Lutheran and new that Jesus was God and Man, not just a man.

This challenge caused me to study the Bible like I had never read it before. Truth be told, I had never read it with the Holy Spirit as my tutor. It actually made sense to me. I felt as the Apostle Paul must have felt after Jesus revealed the truth to him. He was well read in the Scriptures and thought he understood them, but when the veil was torn from his heart, he finally saw the real meaning of the law and the grace it foretold, found in the face of Jesus the Messiah and Suffering Servant.

In the years since then, I have studied to show myself approved unto God, and to have something to give to those that ask. I have been wrong on many things over the years, but the Lord has been faithful to show me my errors and bring me back to the truth.

It is not my intention to create just another “discernment” site. There are countless of them out there already, run by much more capable people than I.  As you read these posts, I pray that you will be challenged, inspired, instructed, and enabled to see the glory of our one and only God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Since writing the above back in 2011, I and my family have entered the Holy Apostolic Orthodox Catholic Church. After reading the early church fathers, I came to realize that “my” Christianity was not like “their” Christianity, so I set out to find if “their” Christianity still exists. In such a search, one has to go before the Reformation which leaves one with essentially three options: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox. While there are many similarities among them, the differences are stark. Roman Catholic was eliminated from consideration due their adding doctrines and dogmas very late. That left Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox. The differences between them in faith and practice are negligible. However, the Oriental Orthodox were not really an option as there are none anywhere near where I live. So we went East. We are still learning to swim in the deep waters of 2000 years of Apostolic teaching. This blog will reflect some of that as time permits. God bless.


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