Romney missed the mark on Syria

Romney’s idea that those fighting in Syria are “freedom fighters” who “share our values” is so wide of the mark. While Bashar Assad is no angel and holds his power through intimidation and force, those trying to over-throw his government are bent on a Muslim Caliphate enforced by Sharia law. Who loses? First and foremost, the Orthodox Christians of Syria. Already, they are being driven from their ancestral homes, businesses are shuttered, churches attacked and burned, holy things are desecrated by the Islamic “freedom fighters”.

A proper policy toward Syria would be to support Assad in his fight to drive them out and then work toward making him an ally in the region, pressing him to carry out the political reforms he has been promising for years. Supporting the terrorists with weapons and money will only alienate him further and drive him closer to Iran.

Syria is an opportunity to create a democratic republic in the Middle East without first destroying its infrastructure and alienating its people.


About navyguns

Orthodox Christian, father of three, husband of the most wonderful woman in the world. Navy vet.
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