O Ever-Existing Master, Lord God, Father almighty and adorable! It is truly appropriate, right and befitting the magnificence of Your holiness to praise, hymn and bless You. It is right and proper to worship You, to give thanks to You and to glorify You, the only existing God. It is meet and right, also, to offer to You this our reasonable worship with a contrite heart and a spirit of humility. You hast granted us the knowledge of Your truth, and Who can begin to speak of Your mighty acts? Who is able make all Your praises known, or to tell of all Your miracles at all times? O Master of all, Lord of heaven and earth and of all creation both visible and invisible; who sits upon the throne of glory and beholds the depths; You Who are without beginning, invisible, incomprehensible, indescribable, changeless. You are the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is our great God and Saviour, our hope, being the express image of Your goodness, the seal of Your very likeness; Who shows You forth in Himself, O Father; Jesus Christ Who is the living Word, the true God, the eternal Wisdom, the Life, the Sanctification, the Power, the true Light, through whom the Holy Spirit was revealed. That same Spirit of truth bestows the gift of sonship, the pledge of future inheritance, the first fruits of eternal blessings, the life-creating power, the fountain of sanctification Through that Spirit, every creature of reason and understanding worships You and always sings hymns of glory to You, for all things are Your servants. You are praised by angels, archangels, thrones, dominions, principalities, authorities, powers, and many-eyed Cherubim. Round about You stand the Seraphim, one with six wings and the other with six wings; with two they cover their faces, with two they cover their feet, and with two they fly, crying one to another with unceasing voices and ever-resounding praises: Singing the triumphal hymn, shouting, crying, and saying:

The Congregation responds: Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord of Savaoth, Heaven and earth are full of Your glory! Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!

With these blessed powers, O Master who loves mankind, we sinners also cry aloud and say: You are Holy — truly most holy — and there are no bounds to the magnificence of Your holiness. You are gracious in all Your deeds, for with righteousness and true judgment You have ordered all things for us.
When You created man by taking dust from the earth, and honoured him with Your own image, O God, You placed him in a paradise of delight, promising him everlasting life and the enjoyment of everlasting blessings in the observance of Your commandments. But, when man disobeyed You, the true God who had created him, and was deceived by the guile of the serpent, becoming subject to death through his own transgressions, in Your righteous judgment, O God, You sent him forth from paradise into this world, returning him to the earth from which he was taken, yet providing for him the salvation of regeneration in Your Christ Himself. For You did not turn Yourself away from Your creature, whom You had made, O Good One, nor did You forget the work of Your hands.
Through the tender compassion of Your mercy, You visited him in various ways: You sent Your prophets; You performed mighty works by Your saints, who in every generation have been well-pleasing to You; You spoke to us by the mouth of Your servants the prophets, foretelling to us the salvation which was to come; You gave us the law as a help; You appointed angels as guardians. And when the fullness of time had come, You spoke to us through Your Son Himself, by whom You also made the ages; Who, being the Radiance of Your glory and the Image of Your person, upholding all things by the word of His power, thought it not improper to be equal to Thee, the God and Father.
He was God before the ages, yet He appeared on earth and lived among men, becoming incarnate of a holy Virgin; He emptied Himself, taking the form of a servant, being likened to the body of our lowliness, that He might liken us to the image of His glory. For as by man sin entered into the world, and by sin death, so it pleased Thine only-begotten Son, who was in the bosom of Thee, the God and Father, who was born of a woman, the holy Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary, who was born under the law, to condemn sin in His flesh, so that those who were dead in Adam might be made alive in Your Christ Himself. He lived in this world and gave us commandments of salvation; releasing us from the delusions of idolatry, He brought us to knowledge of You, the true God and Father.
He obtained us for His own chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. Having cleansed us in water, and sanctified us with the Holy Spirit, He gave Himself as a ransom to death, in which we were held captive, sold under sin.
Descending through the Cross into hades, that He might fill all things with Himself, He loosed the pangs of death. He arose on the third day, having made for all flesh a path to the resurrection from the dead, since it was not possible for the Author of Life to be a victim of corruption. So He became the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep, the first-born of the dead, that He might be truly the first in all things. Ascending into heaven, He sat down at the right hand of Your majesty on high, and He will come to render to every man according to his works. And as memorials of His saving Passion, He has left us these things which we have set forth according to His command.
For when He was about to go forth to His voluntary and ever-memorable and life-creating death __ in the night in which He gave Himself up for the life of the world __ He took bread into His holy and pure hands; and having shown it to Thee, the God and Father, having given thanks, blessed and hallowed it, and broken it, He gave it to His holy disciples and apostles, saying: Take, eat; this is My Body, which is broken for you for the remission of sins….


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