My letter to John McCain.


You said, “I believe that I have to earn the votes of the people of Arizona in order to return to the Senate.”  You should have been earning those votes by your performance in the Senate over your many years. While in the beginning of your career, your conservative credentials were pretty strong, in the last decade you have moved further and further to the left. You have abandonded your base and no longer deserve our support. It is time for a change, a real change, in the Congress of the United States. I will not lend my support to any Republican who has a record like yours. As a military veteran, I have great respect for your service and honor you for it. However, I think that you have betrayed the Constitution you swore to uphold by sponsoring the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform and supporting the Medicare Drug entitlement. It is time for a real  conservative take over of the house and senate. This is the year, this is the moment.

Rather than run again, Senator, you should announce your retirement and make way for a new generation of conservatives who will work to put this country back on track and shrink the federal behemoth to its proper size.

Thank you for your service.

Alec Haapala


About navyguns

Orthodox Christian, father of three, husband of the most wonderful woman in the world. Navy vet.
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