Religion of Peace?

WorldNetDaily: Report: U.S. hostage beheaded by terrorists

The “religion of peace” shows it’s true colors again. Yeah, I know, they don’t represent all islamists, but the rest are sure damn quiet about the activities of the “radical” few. The so-called torture at Abu Ghraib does not deserve this response. These animals are using that as a pretext for carrying out their damnable acts.

Every islamist on the planet should be crying out in rage and horror at the crimes of their “brothers”. Instead, Saudi citizens ask why they should “betray their brothers” after seeing the photos from the prison.

On that line of thinking, why shouldn’t we, as Americans, start mass killings of all suspected terrorists and terrorist sympathizers in revenge for the murders of Nick Berg and Paul Johnson? Did the two innocent Americans deserve their fate? No. The islamic cowards won’t come out and fight, they prefer to kill the defenseless and the innocent. They cover their faces, afraid to be known and recognized. Evil is like that. It kills the innocent, but hides itself, knowing it is condemned.

If Muslims want America, Israel and other nations to leave them alone, they, as a people, must rise up against the evil in their midst and slay it. There is no justification in their religious book for murdering innocents. How they can sit silently by and watch is beyond imagination. By their silence, they provide assistance, they share the guilt. They should expect nothing from the world but condemnation and suspicion.


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Orthodox Christian, father of three, husband of the most wonderful woman in the world. Navy vet.
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